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Are You Eligible For Record Sealing?

Even if you were never convicted of a crime, your arrest will show up on your record. A criminal record can make it challenging to apply for a job, will make it tough to get into college and will impact your reputation. The good news is you may be eligible to seal your criminal record. Sealing your criminal history record means the public will not have access to your record. At Cotton & Gates, Attorneys at Law, our criminal defense lawyers have decades of experience helping individuals through the criminal justice system in Florida.

Sealing Your Record

Who can apply to get their record sealed? Eligibility requirements include:

  • You have not had your record previously sealed or expunged.
  • You have not been adjudicated guilty for a crime in any jurisdiction.
  • You were not found guilty or pled guilty to certain criminal offenses, such as a sex crime or fraud.

You will need to file an application for a certificate of eligibility to start the process of applying for sealing your criminal record. Our attorneys will help you determine if you are eligible and guide you through the application process. We know the laws in Florida and stay well-informed of recent changes that may impact your ability to seal your criminal record. We will always keep you updated about the status of your application and what other options may be available. We represent individuals throughout Okaloosa County who were arrested for all types of criminal offenses. Let us help you see if you are eligible to have your record sealed.

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